Saturday, January 3, 2015

Direction for the New Year

I'm joining the challenge, " Working in a Series" lead by Vicki Welsh. I've always been interested in working my way through a book's exercises in a subject I'm interested in. I've done this with a bread making recipe book on Cooks' Talk years ago where we all chose a book to cook our way through and reported on the recipes' successes and failures. It was fun and I got to love my book even more for the great recipes I wouldn't have tried otherwise.
So that is what I have chosen to do for working in a series, and Jane Dunnewold's book, "Art Cloth, a guide to surface design for fabric" is my choice. I purchased this book many years ago at a quilt show not knowing when I would get a chance to actually use it. Now is my chance. Let's have some fun.


Susan said...

I have Art Cloth too! It's fascinating with all the different techniques. So far I've only used her basic low volume dyeing, I haven't tried any of the other steps in it yet.

elle said...

ooh, this will be great to follow along with!