Friday, February 6, 2015

Working in Series - Art Cloth - A Beginning

The first exercises are about dyeing fabric and over dyeing fabric with resists. You can get markedly different results with  the type of dye you use; either pure dye or compound dye. The compound dye is made up of several different pure dyes and they may strike at different rates. My first exercise was to find out what dyes are used in each of the compound dyes I have in my studio. In all my studying about dyes this has never been suggested and I think it is a great idea. You cut small pieces of PFD fabric, spray water on it and then sprinkle a tiny bit of dye powder and the different dyes that make up that particular colour will be revealed. I did have some difficulty with this as my dye powders were statically charged, making them hard to control. But here is the outcome of this exercise.

Next I need to choose which colour to use as my first dye bath and get my base colour dyed. Then these pieces will be used in the exercises that follow.
Pop over to Vicki's to see what everyone else is doing in their series.


elle said...

This is a good and useful start to your series!

Vicki W said...

I'm so happy to see someone doing a dyeing series with me!

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